Budget Printing Mailing Services

Get your company or personal message out quickly and cost effectively, and allow us to make your day-to-day correspondence easier. From envelope stuffing to bulk mail and postcards, we can take care of your mailing needs.


Postcards are a great way to share information and get customers on your side. Announce a grand opening, launch a new product, or simply keep in touch with friends and family. People do not typically associate postcards with business strategy, but it offers many opportunities to connect with customers. If you need it to be addressed and mailed, we can help with that.


Also available are Every Day Direct Mail sizes from the US Postal Service https://eddm.usps.com/eddm/


Direct Addressing

Addressing letters by hand can be a long and tedious process. Allow us to address your envelopes or postcards to save you this hassle. Let us help you reach more people in a shorter amount of time.

Bulk Mail

Also available is the use of Budget Printing’s bulk mail permit (additional cost) which includes full service complete package mailing from print, address, packaging, and delivery to the Jamestown PO (only to Jamestown PO where permit is held)

Envelope Stuffing

Make your day job less mundane, and let us stuff and seal your envelopes for you. The act itself is very tedious. No need for you to take on this boring burden.

Non-Profit Mailing

As a non-profit organization, the less you spend the better. Budget Printing is committed to providing you with prompt, high-quality mailing services at an affordable cost. We want to support your work and keep your money in your pockets.


Any mail you allow us to address we can gladly send for you. We can assure you a quick turnaround.